10 cosas que podemos hacer diferente este día del niño

10 things we can do differently this Children's Day

We are a few days away from an extremely fun day for those of us who have children. This month includes Children's Day and it is a month to test ourselves. We have the opportunity to do something different. I don't think children's day should focus on gifts (even if children love it). I think it's an excellent opportunity for us to be a little more children.

We can take the initiative to do a few different things this month.

Here we share 10 ideas of activities that we can do differently for this Children's Day 2021.

  • Go to the Zoo (Rosy Walther or Joya Grande)

Visiting the little animals at the zoo is a nice activity and if we are careful using the recommended biosecurity or even if we make time during weekdays we will find the space practically empty. We must be careful and only do this if we know that we and our children will follow the biosecurity rules at all times.

  • Cook together

From pancakes with fun colors to a homemade pizza. Cooking together can make a mess but it leaves the kids incredibly motivated and makes them feel like part of the home.

  • have a picnic

Children love to have picnics. Whether they are small and we do it with some fruits and simple dishes or if we have older children we can take advantage of doing it at night to contemplate the stars.

  • visit the lake

A simple visit but that in these days that we are locked up can be very valuable.

  • Watch a movie with values

We know that we watch movies often but we can take advantage of choosing one that we normally would not do. Whether it's a musical or a Disney classic, let's look for a movie that fills our hearts with that warm feeling that the sixth art knows how to deliver so well.

  • Print coloring sheets and paint together

For all ages this is a hit. We take out paint or markers. We choose the pages that interest us from the internet or even take out coloring books that are rarely used. In my personal case, sometimes what amuses them the most is drawing new stories from scratch with characters that only their little minds can conceive.

  • read a book aloud

Even though this is something that in my home we do every day before bed, we can make the time to do it with a hot chocolate (or cold if the weather is melting us) and read a story that we rarely would. Whether it's venturing inside Hogwarts or visiting the asteroids with the Little Prince, there's always a story that everyone can enjoy. If you think your children don't like to read. Think twice. A good story can attract all of us.

  • Make a fire

If they get the chance to do it, it's a great time to share stories. We take out the marshmallows and make the campfire. We sit around him and share stories from the past and ask questions about the future. " If you were a mad scientist, what would you create? A miniature dinosaur or a huge fish? " Imagination is our limit.

  • Make packs of toys for street children

Giving joy is something we cannot stop doing. With my children, we often grab toys from the ones we have at home and we ride them in the car. This is a perfect time to have a drink and start sharing. Making a few small bags with toys from our house can be a great task of detachment from our children. That they understand that the more they give, the more they have.

  • play a board game

Playing a board game is something we all think we'll do as parents but in reality we get consumed by life and then make little use of them. It is a time to share and even to teach our children various things (From how to lose to how to handle money).

Children playing fitamin game

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I wish you an excellent day and I hope this September you make the time to be a little children.

A hug,

Leo from Phytamin

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