¿Cómo usar nuestra proteína Actifit correctamente?

How to use our Actifit protein correctly?

What is Actfit?

Actifit is a vanilla flavored protein powder used mostly to reach your target protein levels. This protein gets its high protein levels from whey. "Whey" is the term used to describe a protein supplement made from milk fat, which has a high biological value. Whey protein has a biochemical protein value of 110 compared to 93 for eggs or milk, indicating that it has a more complete amino acid composition and is better and more rapidly absorbed.

Who should consume Actifit?

  • Athletes in general, who want to recover quickly after their workouts, particularly at times when a high amount of carbohydrates is not required, such as muscle definition periods.
  • People who want to speed up their physical recovery benefit a lot from consuming Actifit.

  • Actifit is also very useful for people who simply want to increase their muscle mass. (This will only work if accompanied by their respective exercises)
  • People who want to enjoy the benefits of supplementing with protein, such as muscle protection and improving their physical composition.

Main functions of Actifit + Exercise

  1. muscle definition
  2. Weightloss
  3. Muscle maintenance and recovery

What is the difference between Actifit and the protein powders that pretend to turn you into a bodybuilder?

Actifit's formula is designed for quick and effortless dissolution, whereas many of these other brands leave a lot of clumps in your shake. Actifit also doesn't have that sweet, thick taste that many other proteins have, which tastes like it takes away your hunger and leaves you feeling cloying. Finally, Actifit is a product designed for your well-being, we have concentrated a lot on making a concentrated powder, without harmful fillers and pleasant with your digestive system.

How much protein should I be consuming per day?

Your protein requirements can vary greatly depending on your lifestyle, height, weight, etc. To find out exactly how many grams of protein you should be consuming, visiting a doctor would be the way to go. In case you just want an approximation, we have a protein calculator here for you .

Are you interested in our Actifit protein? You can purchase it from our website or at these locations.

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