Dra. Nuñez - Nutricion Funcional

Dra. Nuñez - Functional Nutrition

I am Andrea Núñez, Doctor of General Medicine and Surgery, Specialized in Nutrition and Dietetics, certified in Nutritional Coaching and Nutrition, Fitness, Coaching for weight loss....eternal student.

dr nuñez

My passion? See my patients reaching their weight goals. Make healthy desserts and meals suitable for everyone.

My goal? Create a change in YOUR lifestyle.

To say that the face behind Medsthetic is just me, it would be somewhat selfish, behind medsthetic is my husband, certain very close friends and of course my patients, who have trusted me, even before they met me.

These are my Medsthetic Kit especially for you. You can choose between the two Kits that contain the following supplements;


They are live bacteria present in our microbiota also known as the second brain.

Consuming probiotics helps you prevent problems such as obesity, changes in your mood, high cholesterol, and also improves digestion and nutrient absorption.

Vitamin E:

Vitamin E is fat-soluble, an excellent antioxidant, important for vision, as well as fertility.

Omega 3:

It is an essential amino acid, ideal anti-inflammatory, which helps in the process of weight maintenance, in addition to promoting the health of the cardiovascular and cerebral systems.

Vitamin C:

It is a water-soluble vitamin, which favors the absorption of collagen and iron and helps us in the healing process.

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