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Actifit Whey Protein

Actifit Whey Protein

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Our Enhanced Protein contains 2lbs (907g) of full-length protein. This clean protein comes from Whey, milk whey, which is obtained through a cold process. Each scoop contains 24g of protein of which 3g are from carbohydrates and 2g are from sugar. This protein, unlike many others, is sweetened with stevia! It has a delicious vanilla flavor that mixes easily for your convenience.

This perfect combination between high-quality whey protein isolate and concentrate also contains digestive enzymes that help better protein absorption, so it easily reaches the muscles, giving them a greater supply of essential amino acids. This makes it the ideal drink after exercising or for those people looking to lose weight with a balanced diet.

Each canister contains 28 servings of 24g of protein per scoop.


Adults (from 16 years of age): 1 Actifit scoop daily

You with Actifit, will result in your best version!

They have a delicious VANILLA flavor.

It includes the following components:


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