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PRO-TG Vitamin Gummies

PRO-TG Vitamin Gummies

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PRO-TG is one of our best vitamins. Completely natural, it is composed of  Propolis and Echinacea that help increase your body's resistance against diseases and allergies .

Each bottle contains 80 gummies.


Children (3 to 10 years of age): 1 Pro-TG gummy daily

Adults: 2 Pro-TG gummies daily 

Its active components (Propolis and Echinacea) are highly effective for the protection of the respiratory tract. Propolis works as a broad-spectrum antibiotic with its important and well-known anti-flu effect. It also has anti-inflammatory and anesthetic action, making it an effective protector of the throat and vocal cords. In the digestive system, it regulates appetite and prevents anemia. In the circulatory system, it inhibits the oxidation of cholesterol, and normalizes blood pressure. On the other hand, there is echinacea, of which the most frequent use, and for which it is best known, is to reduce the symptoms of the common cold since it works as a natural anti-allergy. 

They have a delicious RASPBERRY flavor .

It includes the following active components:


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